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Vale Studio - Madeline Vale, Sculptor, Animal Sculptures, Shropshire Crafts, Telford Town Centre

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Madeline Vale's first sculptured model was a dog, colourful, wacky and amusing, which set the standard form my ceramic art, be it dogs or my other passion, hares. When creatures emerged from the kiln l admit to getting really excited about seeing how they have developed.

Each of my studio models are unique. When working on a commission l like to hear from the pet’s owner just what it is about their pet which makes them laugh; its special idiosyncrasies - the cute way in which it may hold its head, a grumpy look or even how it shakes a slipper - so that I have the animal's character in my head. It is music to my ears when, with a smile, the client exclaims “Oh, that's definietely my dog!”

l enjoy the challenge the more unusual breeds present and have built up a large portfolio of breeds. l also offers a unique service to petlovers, the ashes of a once much loved pet can be incorporated into the clay to create an everlasting memorial.

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