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Knysna Woodcraft, Unique Character Solid Wood Furniture, Shropshire Crafts, Telford Town Centre

Knysna Woodcraft was established in 1993, after a 12 year stay in Southern Africa from where Dave Howells still draws his inspiration. He is the designer, maker and promoter of Knysna Woodcraft.  Our workshop is based in Harmer Hill, North of Shrewsbury, Shropshire.

Knysna-Woodcraft-Mirror - one off furnitureThe furniture is handcrafted to customer's own specifications, incorporating burr, cracks, knots and whaney edges into the designs which ensures each piece of furniture leaving our studio is a 'one off'.

There is an ever-changing display of our one off furniture at our studio/workshop just outside Shrewsbury, which can be purchased on viewing, but we tend to use it so those potential customers can come and see the quality of workmanship. Knysna controls all aspects from timber selection, kiln drying, through to the final product ready to enhance your home.

If designs are worrying you, don't be anxious. We are only too happy to spend time putting your ideas and our knowledge together, until the perfect design has been finalised.

Knysna Woodcraft-Buddha   Knysna Woodcraft- Cobra  Knysna Woodcraft- Horse Head  Knysna Woodcraft - Elephant  Knysna Woodcraft - Fungi

We exhibit at Telford Town Centre three times per year. Our displays consist of various pieces of Knysna’s Oak furniture, oak mirrors, and wooden artefacts, plus large Leather statues.

Knysna Woodcraft- Dining Room Suite

Contact info and links:

Knysna Woodcraft, Unit 7, Pimhill Farm, Harmer Hill, Shrewsbury, Shropshire SY4 3DY.



Tel: 01743 467426

Mob: 07720 203616

Opening Hours:

Tuesday to Saturday 7.30am to 5.00pm - please call to confirm we are open before you start your journey.