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Shropshire Crafts

Shropshire Crafts

Shropshire Crafts - Craft Shows - Telford Town Centre 2012

Shropshire Crafts was established in 1995, by the late Freda Hoof, the late Alan Whitehead and Margaret Whitehead, and changed hands to the new organisers, Bob Spendlove and Paula Howells in 2010.

Shropshire Crafts promotes various crafts from artists producing: handmade oak furniture, jewellery, pottery, food, textiles,  silk flowers , glass and photography. All exhibitors live and work in Shropshire, so we are promoting local Shropshire small business.

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Shropshire Crafts has developed a reputation for unique and high quality goods, and pride ourselves with our professional high quality display of stands when we exhibit at Telford Town Centre three times a year.



Dates exhibiting at Telford in 2012
15th October 2012 until 21st October 2012
12th November 2012until 18th November 2012

Dates exhibiting at Telford in 2013
4th March until 10th March 2013
30th September until 6th October 2013
11th November until 17th November 2013

If you are  interested in exhibiting and growing your Shropshire based business with us, please fill in the enquiry page or contact Paula Howells on 07738 022397 or email